Höganäs Borgestad completed a refractory project for a new type of incinerator

Monday October 7, 2019

Höganäs Borgestad has completed its first refractory project for a new type of incinerator which was supplied by Clean Combustion to International Paper in Kwidzyn, Poland.

The refractory system was managed by Höganäs Borgestad including design, material supply and supervision. The refractory design of this kind of incinerators has been developed by Höganäs Borgestad and is being used in the Swedish and Russian market for many years, showing extremely good performance.

The refractory design was as per below:

  • Main cylindrical tube (height: 10.18m; diameter: 2.37m): Silox 60, a high alumina brick based in mullite aggregate; insulation materials: Super 1100E, Porosil GII and Porosil 23
  • Roof: Höganäs Cast LC 75 AR, a low cement castable based on Bauxite
  • Roof tube: Höganäs Flow LC 65, a self-flowing castable based on andalusite

We are confident that this pilot project in Poland will also show good performance while opening up new opportunities for expansion in Pulp & Paper industry worldwide.

To learn more about this project and our solutions for incinerators, you may contact our sales representative, Mr. Mats-Ove Eriksson at mats.eriksson@hoganasborgestad.com or at +46(0)70 568 58 46.

New type of incinerator supplied by Clean Combustion
View of incinerator after installation of refractory materials