Linometer XLNT

Non-destructive lining measurement in seconds

Unlike traditional lining measurement, which requires you to drill holes in your lining, the Linometer XLNT only needs a small patch of coating to be scraped from the brick surface for you to measure lining thickness with up to 99% accuracy.

It takes just seconds to get a correct reading. You can measure a whole section of your kiln in less than 30 minutes.

Because it is quick and completely non-destructive, you can also make more measurements, more often. This gives you a truly accurate picture of your lining’s condition, and lets you plan and rationalize your lining replacement.

The Linometer XLNT is packed with features that improve your measurement accuracy while giving you instant feedback on changes in your lining:

  • Up to twelve unique measurements can be made at each measuring point, for a detailed picture of the lining’s condition.
  • Up to 72,000 unique measurements can be made and stored in the Linometer itself. You don’t need to make notes, and you get on-the-spot comparisons for previously stored measurements at the same point.
  • Data can be downloaded directly to computer, and imported into an Excel spreadsheet.

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