Fire Clay and high alumina bricks

Fire Clay and high alumina bricks

The oxides of silicon and aluminum form the basis of fire clay and high alumina bricks.

Fireclay Clay Bricks

The composition of fireclay bricks are in the SiO2-Al2O3 system, with 5-80% SiO2 and between 20-45% Al2O3. Höganäs Borgestad’s vast experience and own raw material deposits ensures top performance and quality. For areas of application please look into the process.

High Alumina Bricks

According to the description above of fireclay bricks, the High Alumina Bricks belong to the SiO2-Al2O3 system.
The definition of High Alumina is that it has a Al2O3 content above 45%. The higher alumina content normally gives better refractoriness at higher temperatures in comparison with Fireclay Bricks.

Cement and Mortar

Cement or mortar is often used to join bricks. Cements harden at room temperature, while mortars normally require a temperature of at least 300 degrees before they are properly cured.

Our main product range of Fire Clay and High Alumina Bricks

Product name
Type of productAl2O3SiO2
VIKING 20Alkali resistant brick based on fireclay22701.0
VIKING 330Alkali resistant brick based on fireclay35591.7
VIKING 450Alkali resistant brick based on fireclay45511.2
ALEXFireclay brick boosted with bauxite54401.4
BJUF FCryolite resistant fireclay brick34602.3
VICTOR 60RKPhosphate bonded fired high alumina brick based on bauxite62311.5
VICTOR 70RKPhosphate bonded fired high alumina brick based on bauxite73201.6
VICTOR 80RKPhosphate bonded fired high alumina brick based on bauxite

SILOX 60High alumina brick based on mullitic aggregate64321.0
VICTOR HWLHigh Alumina brick based on dense synthetic chamotte58281.0
VICTOR HWMHigh alumina brick based on bauxite79171.0
SICTOSilicon carbide brick0.288
SICTO LOOXSilicon carbide brick0.286
ALSIC 500*Alkali resistant fire clay brick boosted with bauxite and silicon carbide50371.39.0
ALSIC 4000*

Alkali resistant andalusite brick boosted with silicon carbide38340.926

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