Special Products

Special Products

Höganäs Borgestad is an independent distributor of goods to Nordic industry. We focus on industrial insulation and have chosen stable suppliers that meet our strict requirements. We have had our main supplier of high temperature fiber products, Morgan Advanced Materials, since 1877. It is also natural that our product range changes over time and that some suppliers are replaced, but we are very discerning with which we choose. We prioritize suppliers that we can have direct contact with, in order to offer the best products at the best prices. Our products should, as far as possible, be complementary, that is, they together cover a need within an area.

Höganäs Borgestad represents several of the world’s largest and leading companies in fire protection and insulation such as: Morgan Advanced Material with the well-known environmentally friendly Firemaster® and Superwool® AES products. MAM Porexthermwith Flexipor® and vacuum insulation, gaskets from Tespe, as well as KeramabKlevers and Hiltex on high temperature textiles.

As distributor for Temati  we are able to offer a wide selection of additional products within the segment of insulation and textile.

These products can operate as systems against e.g. CUI or as single components within more complex systems.

General product overview:

  • Tembutil (protective tape/foil in butyl rubber) 
  • Drainplugs for insulation
  • Flangebelts for leak detection
  • Temtex tackers, hooks, staples, washers
  • Foster coatings, seal and sealant
  • Inspections plugs
  • Water indicators
  • Two-component PU foam insulation
  • Products for passive fire protection in tunnels

Personal Protection Equipment

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