Ferro Alloy


Höganäs Borgestad’s ferro-alloy solution concept is a preferred choice, carried out not only in allrecent installations in Norway, but also in Sweden, Iceland, Egypt, Mexico, Buthan, India, USA, China and Bahrain.

We will not only do the orginal installation, but participate throughout the whole life the refractory lining. Our support takes the form of ongoing dialogue between your production staff and our refractory experts.

We assists you with maintenance reviews and action during your scheduled production stops. With our extensive knowledge of ferro-alloy applications, we will help you get the most from your refractory installation.

  • supervisors world wide
  • special crane solution for lifting carbon blocks
  • special ramming equipment for carbon ramming mix
  • complete solutions for smokehood and gas ducts
  • Tap-hole repairs with the shortest possible production stop

Experienced project managers and specially trained workers make it possible for us to take on projects of any size, within agreed time schedule.


The refractory lining of a furnace is crucial for operational excellence for ferro chrome production. Refractories used in these furnaces are subjected to heavy wear and have to resist high temperature and the adverse effects of slag.

Many different grades are used for this segment and Höganäs Borgestad offers a complete portfolio for shaft kilns and combustion chambers. All have high thermodynamic stability and high resistance to mechanical wear. For complicated structures, we offer specially shaped, hand-moulded bricks.

Victor 60 has a high resistance to mechanical wear and is often used in shaft kilns.
Alumo 60A has a high resistance to mechanical wear and is often used in shaft kilns.


  • Shaft kilns
  • Combustion chambers
  • Sintering plants
  • Reference: Outotec

Our current customers among ferro chrome manufacturers are located in the following areas: